From Calicut to Delhi trailing the sequences of Primary Immunodeficiency Disorders

The training program was organized by IGIB, New Delhi from 16th to 30th November, 2018. Accommodation and arrangements were done by the institute and it was very calm and nice. The program was organized under the guidance of Dr. Vinod Scaria. There were graduate researchers  for guidance and teaching. The main focus was on Nucleic acid sequencing. We were taught NGS, Sanger and analysis methods. The scholars were very friendly and approachable. They taught us very patiently and gave us hand on training. The lab set up and atmosphere was too good and provided us a great opportunity to witness all new instruments and learn new techniques.

The teaching was exceptional and they were teaching us everything in detail (step by step manner) without rushing to finish. We had a chance of witnessing DNA isolation, PCR, Sanger Sequencing, Zebrafish based researches. Apart from practical training, we also had an opportunity to attend a talk about research and development. Their main focus of the program was on Exome Sequencing and analysis. More than a training program, we also felt free enough to mingle with them and they provided us a grand treat as a part of send off. In fact we also visited the old IGIB campus to witness Sanger Sequencing. The campus is beautiful and the accommodation provided was too good. Even the climate adds to our comfortable stay. Overall, it was a great and wonderful experience and we are very thankful to Dr. Vinod Scaria and his team for the event. We also thank Dr.Sridhar Sivasubbu & team and to the other personals of IGIB for giving us an opportunity to attend such a valuable training program. We really appreciate the efforts and would like a special mention and thanks to Ms. Muktha and Mr. Abhinav, graduate researchers working with Dr. Vinod Scaria.

We believe, the training we received will surely make an immense impact on our future research as well as patient care

We believe, the training we received will surely make an immense impact on our future research as well as patient care (by diagnostic aspects) at Government Medical College, Kozhikode. In the current genomic era of modern medicine, this type of training will surely help researchers in India to develop special skills required for the field.

We appreciate and thank IGIB for making such a fruitful program.

Dr. Dhanasooraj D
Medical research Unit
Government Medical College, Calicut, Kerala

Dr Dhanasooraj, Athulya and Sona are from the Government Medical College, Calicut where CSIR-IGIB has collaborated on Primary Immunodeficiency Disorders. The research benefited a number of patients through precise diagnosis using a genomics approach. The training would enable researchers and clinicians at Government Medical College Calicut to set up genetic diagnostics and accurately diagnose cases in clinic, benefiting a large population in Malabar, North Kerala.