Research is eye opening

The IGIB visit was by far one of the most enriching experiences of my life.

Having attended the DIPS workshop, I'd become completely enchanted by the people and the place.

The very fact that they actually encouraged my questions(no matter how silly they were), instead of suppressing them and telling me to just silently accept anything- as teachers have done for a large chunk of my academic life- made me want to go back and revisit.

The trip which I undertook again was just as enlightening as the previous one, if not more.

Dr Scaria kindly introduced me to the students working in his lab. They were extremely nice and explained their work with utmost patience. I learnt all about genome sequencing,the processes,and how it can be adapted to use in daily clinical practice .The talk I had with

Dr Sridhar the following day, cleared a huge part of the webs of confusion I had in my mind and rekindled my interest in research.

I was very taken aback by how humble Dr Scaria and Dr Sridhar were and even more by the fact that they thanked me for visiting, when in fact I was more than grateful that they had allowed me to.

I learnt there that research isn't just dreary academic work, it's an eye opening field. The effort and hard work involved in it can be truly path breaking for medicine as a whole.

The work ethic, facilities and overall research going on at IGIB definitely make it worth a visit and you won't regret it since it can truly change your life.

Anuva Kapoor is a MBBS Student from Mumbai and was a participant at the Developing Indian Physician Scientists 2018 (DIPS) programme at CSIR IGIB